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PanOptic Voices

Welcome to POV!

Nanowrimo is upon us!

We are currently working on finishing our next project:

A Damsel’s Tale

A Damsel in a tower.

And evil witch attacking a fair kingdom.

A monstrous dragon.

We know how his ends.

But what if we were wrong? What if no one saves the princess? What happens if hundreds of Knight’s die trying to rescue you.  What happens when they stop trying?

What if the witch wins?

What if the dragon thinks everyone else can just rot in hell?

What should our princess do now?

Follow along with our progress HERE


Happily Ever After is complete!

Robbie hates Happy Endings.

The Happily Ever After is Fairyland’s great law that decides who gets a Happy Ending—and who doesn’t.  Robbie doesn’t.

Prince Roy, on the other hand, does get a Happy Ending, which means he has to be a hero.  There is just one little problem.  If you know you get the girl, why in the world would you go fight a dragon for her?  That would be silliness!  Instead, he makes Robbie fight his dragons, and he takes the fame, the glory…and the girl.

Read it now HERE